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Pinned to the Point

Is this the correct point location ? Am I in the right spot ?


Was that Qi the patient felt or just pain ?Precise point location and needling techniques often have a marked effect on the treatment's clinical outcome.


In this seminar you will learn the most important aspects of acupuncture point location and the key elements of needling techniques for achieving effective De Qi – a key to clinical success.

Practice your clinic

The amount of information gathered by the TCM practitioner from the intake, tongue and pulse is often overwhelming.


This seminar will present a clear and sequential working process on how to integrate the information gathered from the intake, pulse, tongue and palpation to a precise diagnosis which will yield an effective treatment plan relevant to the patients' chief complaint/s.

Masters Class

This clinical demonstration class will follow Amos Ziv treating patients in a clinic setting.


The demonstrations will cover the whole process from intake to needling. An open questions and answers format will be followed.

clinical internship

Clinical Internship in Israel with Amos Ziv and Asaf Harofeh Medical Center


Proposed itinerary and schedule


Day 1     (Saturday) Arrival to TLV airport . Evening - Dinner Tel Aviv beach bar

Day 2     Clinical internship with Amos in Internal Medicine in  TCM center in Rehovot – mainly TCM Internal

                Medicine, orthopedics and pain management


Day 3     Trip to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea with Amos : the western wall, old city markets, via dolorosa, Church

                of the holy Sepulchre, Natural Dead Sea hot springs and beach

Day 4     Clinical internship with Amos  in Internal Medicine in  TCM center in Rehovot –

                mainly TCM Internal Medicine, orthopedics and pain management

Day 5     Clinical Internship with  Amos in Tell Aviv clinic – mainly TCM cardiology

Day 5     AM : Visit and short lectures in Asaf Harofeh Medical Center Integrative Medicine and orthopedic  units

                (maybe also emergency medicine)

                PM: Private seminar to students – on Emergency Acupuncture techniques for injury, or Channel

                palpation for reinforcing TCM diagnosis

Day 6     Trip to Northern Israel and visit Bara herbal company visitor center and plant

Day 7     Independent sightseeing in Tel Aviv – one of the most lively cities in the world

Day 8     Independent sightseeing in Tel Aviv, organizing return, flight back


Tuition: for whole clinical teachings 850€ per student

Tuition includes : clinical internships, private seminar, visit to hospital, trip to Jerusalem and dead sea, trip to northern Israel and Bara visitor center

Tuition doesn't include : flights, train and taxi, hotel, restaurants, personal expenses


Proposed Hotel: in Rehovot (near clinic and right on train station) :


Proposed Rooms in Tel-Aviv:Many options of short term rooms or apartments in Tel Aviv


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