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 advanced meridian wave

Advanced Meridian Wave 

Enhance your clinically effective Meridian Wave protocol with additional tools from Channel Theory. Learn how to overcome barriers to clinical success and how to maneuver and break through stagnant periods in your treatment series.


Course highlights:


• Specific  clinical protocols for the most common conditions 

• Utilizing analogical anatomy acupuncture systems

• Right to left and top to bottom point sensitivity treatments

• Channel balancing techniques

• Effective ear acupuncture for pain and discomfort

• Using a barefoot Dr.'s family lineage secret  leg channel

• Useful empirical point's for immediate relief 

• Understanding the dynamics of a treatment series

• Protocols for overcoming stagnancy in the treatment series

• Ability to apply  the system at the end of the workshop


Effective for:


• Persistent chronic back and neck conditions

• Severe limitations and neurological deficit's due to herniated disk

• Systemic Joint pains

• Knee osteoarthritis and cartilage erosion

• Chronic neck stiffness

• Double crash nerve pressure and it's offsets : Tennis and Golfer's      elbow, trigger finger, De-Quervain's  syndrome

• And more…

Enhanced Pain Management Techniques for Reinforcing Clinical Success


This course will present additional new tools to further enhance the Meridian Wave effect. This system has been used successfully with thousands of patients in China, Israel and the US and has been taught for numerous practitioners in Israel and USA. It has been clinically validated in a randomized controlled trial for acute back and neck pain in a major hospital in Israel.

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