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master the wave

Master the Wave 

In this seminar you will learn key elements and clinical applications of channel theory for the treatment of internal disorders involving pain and discomfort.


Seminar highlights:


• The foundations of channel theory in clinical practice

• The 6 climates and their relation to specific channels and


• Physiological and pathological qualities of each channel

• 'From the big picture to the small picture' – the thinking

   process and rationale for effective point selection

• Pairing channels for increased and balanced qi flow

• Major points and point combinations for effective pain


• Case studies and case analysis methods

• Case demonstrations


Conditions that will be covered:


• Migraine and tension headaches

• Acute lower back and neck pain

• Abdominal pain and discomfort

• Menstrual related pain

• Ear and eye related pain

• Chest congestion and discomfort

• Lateral costal pain

• Post operative pain

• And much more…


Simple strategies for Complex Internal Pain

This course has been taught to practitioners from all levels of experience with great success. It involves  a pragmatic and logical step-by-step process for accurately selecting effective points and combinations

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