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meridian wave acupunture 

Meridian Wave Acpuncture

In this workshop you will learn a highly effective and directly clinically applicable pain relief method, based on the classic TCM channel theory. The method consists of an acupuncture / acupressure treatment for instant and lasting pain relief and healing.


Course highlights:

• Pragmatic step by step clinical protocol

• Distal needling method based on TCM Channel Theory

• Activation of Jing-Well points

• Use of few needles/acupuncture points

• Mobilization of the compromised area for enhanced Qi          flow

• Instant measurable improvement and results

• Integration with rehabilitation modalities

• Clinically validated in a Randomized Controlled Trial

• Ability to apply the system at the end of the workshop


Effective for:

• The majority of common musculoskeletal conditions              seen in practice:

• Back and neck chronic or acute pain or reduced range of


• Radiculopathy due to bulging or herniated disk

• Joint pain

• Frozen shoulder

• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome •Tennis and Golfer's elbow

• Trigger finger

• De-Quervain's syndrome

• Post-operative pain

• And more…



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Meridian wave acupuncture seminar,
Immediate relief, clinically proven, distal acupuncture

This system has been used successfully with thousands of patients in China, Israel and the US and has been taught for numerous practitioners in Israel and USA. It has been clinically validated in a randomized controlled trial for acute back and neck pain in a major hospital in Israel.

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 Meridian wave acupuncture seminar
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