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Pinned to the point

Pinned To The Point


Seminar Highlights:


• Combining anatomical description, palpation and intuition in point    location

• Correct posture and stance for needling

• Using the breath during needling

• Igniting and engaging the Lower dan Tian for protective

   energetical boundaries

• Tonyfying, sedating and even technique

• Directing Qi by changing needle angles

• The use of Yi (intent) in activating channel Qi


Material Covered:


• Palpation for point location

• Precise and unique locations of key acupoints used in the clinic

• Simple Dao meditation for igniting the lower Dan Tian

• Breathing technique for engaging lower Dan Tian energy.

• Applying the three treasures : Jing, Qi, Shen in your treatment




“Is this the correct point location? Am I in the right spot ? Was that Qi the patient felt or just pain ?”



Precise point location and needling techniques often have a marked effect on the treatment's clinical outcome. In this seminar you will learn the most important aspects of acupuncture point location and the key elements of needling techniques for achieving effective De Qi – a key to clinical success. 

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