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practice your clinic

Practice your clinic 


The amount of information gathered by the TCM practitioner from the intake, tongue and pulse is often overwhelming.


This seminar will present a clear and sequential working process on how to integrate the information gathered from the intake, pulse, tongue and palpation to a precise diagnosis which will  yield an effective treatment plan relevant to the patients' chief complaint/s.

Seminar highlights:

• The essence of "looking, inquiring, sensing" – intake,

   pulse, tongue and palpation

• Analysis of the chief complaint/s
• 10 questions or "knowledge musts" for each clinic visit
• How to initiate intuition into the diagnosis process
• Thinking and working process for formulating an

   effective treatment plan

• What not to do in the clinic – "reversed conclusions"
• In-class patient demonstration
• Supervised hand's on clinical practice – from intake to     
needling and De-Qi


Integrating intake and diagnosis to form an effective treatment plan

Amos Ziv will share in this seminar his knowledge and expertise from years of clinical experience on a refined thinking and working process that will help to navigate through the vast ocean of TCM information to the safe shores of an effective treatment. The seminar will also focus on how to avoid common diagnostic mistakes practitioners and students tend to make as identified by Amos through extensive intern tutoring, teaching and clinic supervision. 


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