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 What participants attending the workshop have said:


  • "An effective system to treat pain, the use of Jing-well points is helpful in the most difficult cases"  

       Guy Aharonson – TCM and Japanese Acupuncturist, Tell Aviv.


  • "I use the system with great success in the treatment of pain, it is highly effective"

        Gabi Azrieli – TCM practitioner, Jerusalem.


  •  "The system works great, it is effective for both chronic and acute cases"                SofieMoyes - TCM practitioner, Rishon Le-Zion.

What participants from Europe seminars have said:


  • "Huge success - nothing but praise!"


  • "Clear and detailed explanation of the meridians, the level of pain and how to reduce the amount of needles when treating pain"


  • "Highly sensible and concrete, immediately applicable in my practice with good results"


  • "Chronic complaints vanished in one session ! "


  • "Amiable man, clearly speaking, comprehensible"


  • "Gets to the true essence during the course"


  • "Clear, logical build-up"


  • "Wonderful variation between theory and practice (in turns)"


  • "Very practice-based, highly effective"


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