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meridian wave acupunture


Learn to activate a powerful leverage of Meridian Channel Qi to facilitate immediate pain relief and healingbased on classical TCM channel theory.


Follow a clear, 9 step pragmatic protocol for the treatment of musculoskeletal and neurologic conditions.


Core meridian Wave

advanced meridian wave

Enhance your clinically effective Meridian Wave protocol with additional tools from Channel Theory.  analogical anatomy acupuncture systems, right left and top bottom point sensitivity treatmentsand.


Learn how to overcome barriers to clinical success and how to maneuver and break through stagnant periods in your treatment series. 

master the wave

Learn key in-depth elements of Meridian Wave and Classical Channel theory. Learn wave channel theory physiology and pathology and it's direct relevance to fundamental TCM theories of Yin Yang and 5 Elements. 


Master simple clinical applications of this system for the treatment of complex internal pain disorders of the gastro intestinal, GYN, chest and cardiovascular systems and much more.

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