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masters class

Masters Class

Course highlights:


Demonstration of key aspects in forming a correct intake


• Patient's body posture, movement, gate and demeanor

• Isolation and prioritizing of the chief complaints

• History of present illness 

Demonstration of pulse taking, tongue  observation and channel


• From hand and finger positioning to reading the pulse

• Key features in tongue diagnosis

• Fundamental channel palpation


Demonstration and Explanations on the process of combining all the information


•Isolation of key signs and symptoms relating to the chief  compliant/s

•The role of key signs and symptoms in forming a diagnosis

•Isolation systemic signs and symptoms to form a correct diagnosis

•Combining pulse, tongue and palpation

•Putting it all together – a refined accurate diagnosis

Clinic Observation

This clinical demonstration class will follow Amos Ziv treating patients in a clinic setting. The demonstrations will cover the whole process from intake to needling. An open questions and answers format will be followed.


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